Exhibition of Hanbok in Helsinki, Finland

Ministry of Culture & Tourism

UNESCO Registration of Tripitaka Koreanal commemorative event

Haeinsa Temple

Exhibition of Korean Traditional Jacket Jeogori in Washington, USA

Washington Cultural Center

Exhibition of Drama ‘Hwangjini’s Korean Geisha Gisaeng

Mokdong Hyundai Department Store

Hanbok Exhibition for Latin American Cultural Center Opening Commemoration

Argentina Latin American Cultural Center | Ministry of Culture & Tourism



Moscow Royal Costume Exhibition

Ministry of Culture & Tourism



Korean Geisha ‘Gisaeng’ Costume Exhibition

Seoul Auction Center Showroom

Korea-Japan Royal Costume Show: presenting how to wear ‘Chijeokui’
which is special clothing for queen’s coronation ceremony
by International Society of Costume

Hanyang University | International Society of Costume

Pret-A-Porter Paris ‘Jeogori’ Show


<6-Decade History of Jeogori> National Cultural & Arts Center Tour ExhibitionN

Donghae, Changwon, Gwangmyung, Gwangju | Korea Costume Science Foundation

Joseon court costume exhibition in Paris

Seoul Museum of History



Exhibition of Royal Costume of Chosun Dynasty

Paris | Ministry of Culture & Tourism

6-Decade History of Jeogori

Seoul | Seoul Museum of History



Exhibition of Gujangbok: A King’s Ceremonial Robe with Nine Symbols
in Seoul Museum of History

Seoul | Seoul Museum of History