Since 1984, “藝丁 KIMHYESOON HANBOK” has been established in the center of Gangnam, the leading site of fashion. “藝丁 KIMHYESOON HANBOK” is a well-renowned Hanbok tailored store in Korea which has its slogan of customizing ‘the only clothes in the world’ with the strategy of ‘No Sample’.

As its representative activities, a designer of “藝丁 KIMHYESOON HANBOK” has presented invitational fashion show “Metropolitan Museum of Art” which was held in New York and ‘Louvre’ in Paris. Moreover, “藝丁 KIMHYESOON HANBOK” has devoted itself for broadcasting the main value of HANBOK with its significant activities such as more than 50 times of invitational Hanbok fashion show in 25 countries, exhibition, and the collaboration with Italian luxury brand “FENDI”.

藝丁 KIMHYESOON HANBOK” has been widely known to the public by KBS drama “Hwangjini” and is also contributing to promote a uniqueness and virtue of Korean Traditional Clothes Hanbok by keeping the book ‘King’s Costume’ which was published in 2009 at libraries and museums all countries around the world.